Apex Cordset Technologies’ and SAFEhouse

Why the need for SAFEhouse?

Apex Cordset Technologies is proud of its affiliation with the South African SAFEhouse Association – a local independent, registered non-profit industry organization. It is established by the electrical industry to protect South African consumers by combatting the recent influx of poor-quality unsafe electrical equipment that can lead to serious injuries or even death in South African homes and workplaces.

It’s referred to as “the China Effect” as markets across the globe are being flooded by the import of cheaper, mass produced products. South Africa is no exception. Our clothing, textile and motor industries have up until now been the main sufferers, but in recent years the electrical manufacturing industry has unfortunately also felt the pinch as local retailers increasingly turn to these cheaper Far East imports instead of stocking locally produced items.

Not only is this negatively impacting the South African economy through the inevitable job losses, but these products are often of sub-standard quality. They are produced from inferior materials and are generally not held to same stringent production and manufacturing standards as South African items.

While it might be inconvenient to purchase a clothing item that lets you down in fit and wear, it can be downright life-threatening if electrical equipment used in your home fails or malfunctions. While the Fire Protection Association of Southern Africa’s statistics are not as current as we’d like, the most recent information reports about 3 800 electrical fires occurring roughly on a yearly basis. Even more worrying is the roughly 14 000 fires that are qualified as “undetermined” in their causes. Instances of electrocution is also not often reported either, so the damage could be much more widespread than previously imagined. This is according to SAFEhouse spokesperson Pierre Nothard.

What is SAFEhouse?

SAFEhouse is an association of organisations from within the South African electrical industry – mostly comprised of distributors, suppliers, wholesalers and even large contractors. SAFEhouse can benefit any organisation that fulfils the role of supplying electrical equipment either directly to the public or by supplying retail outlets and electrical contractors. SAFEhouse aims to regulate the product purchasing of electrical organisations by providing them with the criteria by which to judge whether the products that they are distributing conform to industry standards and are not merely selected with an increased profit margin in mind. While it certainly does not see itself as a consumer watchdog or protection body, SAFEhouse does welcome safety-related complaints from any party exposed to sub-standard electrical equipment and installations.

SAFEhouse operates on the following premise:

  • They list and offer products that adhere to the strict safety standards set by industry experts themselves
  • Clients are informed if any products should happen to fail the safety standards.
  •  Necessary steps are then taken to recall all unsafe products.
  • Distributors are instructed to exchange any unsafe products that they might have installed or distributed, or if applicable, they can redo any work previously done to improve the safety of the installation.


Apex Cordset Technologies holds its dedication to the safety and quality of our products in extremely high regard, and through the SAFEhouse initiative we are further empowered to guarantee the exemplary quality and performance standards that our customers have come to rely on.

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