Product Name: AS-MEIC01 (MALE IEC)

Very common for power distribution on computer and instrument equipment racks, used to be common as a means of connecting power from a PC to a monitor

Max Amp: 16A

Voltage: 250V


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NBN EN 60320-2-2
EN 60320-2-2:1998
EN 60320-1:2001
EN 60320-2-2:1998
EN 60320-1:2001 + A1:2007
EN 60320-2-2:1998
IEC 60320-1(ed 2);am 1 IEC 60320-2-2(ed 2)
VC 8012


Applicable Cable SizesMax Amp Rating
HO5VV-F 3G 0.75mm²6A
HO5VV-F 3G 1.0mm²10A