Product Name: AS-16N

South African SANS 164
The South African standard SANS 164 Plug and socket-outlet systems for household and similar purposes for use in South Africa defines a number of derivatives of BS 546. The main household plug and socket is defined in SANS 164-1, and is essentially a modernised version of the 15 A BS 546 (the essential differences are that pins can be hollowed to reduce the amount of metal used, the dimensions are metricated, and it is rated 16A).

16N plug top has got no earth pin; it is an ungrounded plug top which accommodates 2 core cables. The earth pin is a dummy one, allowing it to fit and open the shutters of the sockets.

Max Amp: 16A

Voltage: 250V


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SABS 164/1:2012
SANS 60884-1:2006


Applicable Cable SizesMax Amp Rating
HO3VVH2-F 2 X 0.5mm²3A
HO3VVH2-F 2 X 0.75mm²6A