SURGE GUARD: Your Affordable Solution to Power Surges and Load Shedding Woes

In a world where power surges and load shedding are an unfortunate reality, protecting your valuable appliances has never been more critical. We understand the frustration of dealing with unexpected power fluctuations that can wreak havoc on your electronics. That’s why we’ve developed a simple yet powerful solution to safeguard your appliances and save you from the inconvenience, time, and money spent on repairs or replacements.

Why Choose Surge Guard?

How it works

Our surge protector uses metal oxide varistors (MOV) that are thermal fused and limit voltage.

MOV connections expand life expectancy and increase current capacity. If exposed to many large transients or numerous small transients, MOVs can self-destruct leaving the protected appliances unharmed.

If the thermal disconnect triggers, it will not discontinue the power to the outlets, however, the surge protection circuit will be disabled, and the unit must be replaced.


Easy and Cost-Effective

With our surge protectors, you can continue using your traditional multi-plug extensions while safeguarding all connected devices with just one plug. It’s a hassle-free and cost-effective way to protect everything at once.


South Africa's Trusted Choice

Designed specifically for the unique power challenges faced in South Africa, Surge Guard has become the trusted choice of households across the country. Join countless satisfied customers who have embraced the peace of mind that comes with Surge Guard protection.


Unparalleled Protection

Surge Guard offers state-of-the-art protection for your electronics and appliances during load shedding and general power surges. Our advanced technology ensures your devices stay safe, preventing costly damage and downtime.

What is a Surge Protector

A surge protector is an electrical device that protects equipment against power surges and voltage spikes while blocking voltage over a safe threshold.

When a Voltage threshold is received, a surge protector shorts to ground voltage or blocks the voltage.

Without a surge protector, anything higher than 240V can create component issues, such as permanent damage, reduced lifespan of internal devices, burned wires and data loss.

What is a Power Surge

A power surge is a fast yet short duration of electrical surges in current, voltage or transferred energy that happens in an electrical circuit.

Typically, a power surge is caused by an oversupply in voltage from the power utility, although an oversupply of current is also possible; either way it affects the overall power moving through the incoming electrical lines, hence the term power surge. 

This event increases the electrical potential energy in the lines and causes more power to be discharged from the wall socket and into appliances which can cause severe damage to connected appliances.

Don’t let Power Surges derail your life.

At Apex Cordset Technologies, we developed the Surge Guard to empower you to take control of your electronics’ safety.

Don’t let power surges and load shedding disrupt your life or drain your wallet. Invest in a Surge Guard and experience the peace of mind of protecting your appliances.

Environmental Compliance 



(European Directive 2002/95/EC as amended by 2011/65/EU). 



(European Directive 2002/95/EC + amendments). 

The Apex plug-in Surge Protection Unit offers surge and transient suppression for medium protection on electronic equipment from mains.

The unit plugs into any standard socket outlet or multiple cord extension set and imparts surge protection to all downstream sockets

  • The user is alerted by the Surge Protection LED turning OFF.
  • The Surge Guard has a built-in Mains Checker, refer to the attached booklet for the function.
  • The module provides surge protection:
  • In accordance with SANS 61643-11 Class III with:
  • Uoc = 4kV 
  • Voltage Protection Level Up ≤ 1.2kV measure at the plug terminals 
  • Umax = 1.2kV 

Plug-in: Standard SANS 164-1 configuration
Related voltage: 250V
Frequency: 50Hz

Metal Oxide Varistors:
Common and Differential mode:
L-N, L-E and N-E

SABS 61643-11: Type III
Uoc: 4kV
Up: s1.2kV
Thermal cut-out temperature: 120c
LED Surge Alert:
ON when Surge protection is active
OFF when Surge protection is disabled
LED earth alert: On when earth continuity is ok

Where to buy your SURGE GUARD

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  • Electricity is dangerous. Always assume that the socket outlets are alive.
  • As per the use of any electrical device, always ensure that the mains supply is switched off prior to inserting the Surge Guard into your circuit.
  • This product is intended for domestic use only.
  • Never overload circuits. Always check the power ratings of appliances prior to use.
  • Do not use worn or faulty equipment or appliances.
  • Do not expose electrical equipment to moisture or water.
  • This product does not make use of serviceable parts and therefore cannot be repaired.
  • Recycle all packaging.
  • The final end-user application will be installed in an accessible space for Indoor use.
  • The best usage of this device is to have it plugged in as close to the DB as possible for the best results.