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The proliferation of substandard and noncompliant electric cable products in the South African market poses significant risks to consumers and businesses, especially amid the country’s constrained and stagnating economy, says electronics manufacturer Apex Cordset Technologies (Apex).

Apex is a dynamic company with a strong focus on technology and manufacturing, specialising in a range of safe and compliant electrical products and cable assemblies.

The company notes that, with pressures on consumer spending, there’s a growing presence of low-priced products flooding the market.

The consequences of this trend are concerning, it adds, considering that noncompliant electrical cables may compromise the safety of consumers by potentially leading to hazards such as overheating, short circuits, fires and electrical shocks.

Additionally, manufacturers and suppliers are under pressure to reduce product costs to remain competitive in the market.

Despite this challenging environment, Apex warns that the pursuit of lower prices should not come at the expense of compromising on safety and quality standards.

“While efforts to review product costing and reduce raw material pricing are understandable, it’s crucial for businesses to prioritise the sourcing and distribution of compliant and safe electrical products,” the company advises.

Further, the regulatory framework in South Africa plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and quality of electrical products available in the market.

According to Apex, regulatory agencies must enforce existing standards and implement stricter measures to prevent the importation and sale of noncompliant products.

Additionally, consumer education and awareness campaigns are essential to empower individuals to make informed choices and avoid potential risks associated with noncompliant electrical cables.

For this reason, Apex works closely with nonprofit industry organisation the Safehouse Association in advancing consumer education.

The organisation is committed to the fight against substandard, unsafe electrical products and services.

Apex adds that addressing the issue of cheap, noncompliant electrical cable products requires a collaborative effort from regulatory bodies, industry stakeholders, manufacturers and consumers alike.

“By working together to uphold safety standards and promote responsible sourcing and distribution practices, we can mitigate the risks posed by substandard products and ensure the safety and well-being of consumers across South Africa,” the company says.