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Apex Cordset Technologies
Apex Cordset Technologies

Apex specialises in the production of a diverse range of products, including SA Plug and Dedicated versions, Euro 2-Pin plug, British plug, US plug, Australian plug, a wide selection of Grommets, International Connectors, Terminals.

Apex has an impressive monthly installed capacity of 650,000 leads monthly and 7,8 million annually.

Apex Product Development combines its extensive tooling capabilities to deliver innovative solutions.

As a trusted supplier to OEMs, catering to various industries including white appliances, refrigeration, and lighting


Plugs and Connectors


Kosmolink specialises in the manufacturing of cord extension sets.

As our dedicated division for shelf retail, Kosmolink has a plant capacity of producing 165,000 monthly and 1,980,000 cord extension sets annually.

Our product range includes extension cords, power tool extension cords, lawnmower extension cords, 1×1 coupler extension cords, as well as metal reels, plastic reels, cassette reels, and surge reels.


Steel Reels


Plastic Reels


Extension Cords and Accessories

Grounded Extensions

Lawnmower Extensions & Accessories



Surge products


Muliti Adaptors

Edcap Cable Assemblies

In the mid-90s, Apex shifted its focus to also specialise in Electronic Detonator Cable Assemblies, becoming a global supplier in the industry.

Our facility is equipped with multiple production lines tailored to meet the unique requirements of each customer.

Our plant capacity exceeds 1,500,00 monthly and 18 million annually.


Detonator Cable Assembly

Catering to both individuals and businesses, we offer peace of mind by being reliable and trustworthy.
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Apex cable
Apex Kosmolink reels
Apex Kosmolink reels
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